Yes, you WILL believe what Donald Trump just said or did or whatever.

Of course you will.


Love him or hate him, you've come to expect some pretty unexpected behavior from real estate mogul, Donald J. Trump. That's why he's become such a compelling figure in this election cycle - he doesn't speak or behave in a way that we've come to expect from politicians. For some, his candid speaking style is one of the reasons to vote for him - for others, it's a sign of his inappropriateness for the office.

But regardless, by this point, you'll fuckin' believe any goddamn headline about him.


For example...


News sites and blogs are in a precarious situation - everything he does SEEMS grabby and crazy, but when grabby and crazy has become the norm, it loses some of its appeal. Is anything Donald Trump's gonna say or do be any crazier than the last thing he said or did? Probably not!

He's already implied that he has a large penis during a nationally-televised debate, held a press conference surrounded by branded steaks (which were actually just regular steaks), turned Chris Christie into Reek from Game of Thrones, mocked the disabled, called for a (temporary) ban on Muslims - and the cornerstone of his candidacy is that he'll somehow convince a foreign nation to pay for the most massive wall ever constructed.


Chris Christie isn't allowed to stand under the umbrella.

There is no goddamn way in hell you won't believe ANYTHING he says or does at this point. That's what Donald Trump does - he says things and does things that WOULD have been unbelievable coming from anyone else in any other election. It gets him lots of press, which gets him lots of attention, which gets him lots of votes. He's been doing that for not only the entirety of this election cycle, but pretty much his entire adult life.

He mocks the appearance of his opponents and calls them names. He gets in Twitter fights with sitcom writers. He was being parodied for his outlandish personality on Saturday Night Live over THIRTY YEARS AGO.