People love pranks, no one can deny that. There are high-budget pranks and then no-budget pranks that you can emulate on your friends or lover; if you're in love, if not - I apologize. Don't wait for April Fool's Day, go for a sweet lil' July prank. 

1. The ultimate porta potty prank

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2. The relationship ruiner

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3. The crawling dead

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4. Mentos Ice for your friends who love soda


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5.Oh baby, nothing like ruining someone's car

Cotton ball prank
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6.DIY security system

Airhorn prank
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7.For preventing the tooth decay that comes with Oreos.

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8.It's not even a guy's head. It's a prank, get it?

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9. You get to prank Mr. McDonalds and also get a nice handful of Ice Cream


10. Too bad you'll never get to see their response.

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11. If you don't mind your friend destroying their furniture

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12. You spoiled little shit.

Upside down water glass prank
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