Speaking from personal experience, I know Jimmy John's delivers fast. Like, almost concerningly fast sometimes, where it basically makes no sense how they could have taken my order, made the sandwich, and sent a delivery guy out - all in the span of about 3 minutes. But this takes it to a whole new level.

The place? Jacksonville, Florida (of course it was Florida). And a delivery guy in a rush couldn't afford to wait for the train to pass, so he took it upon himself to HOP OVER THE TRAIN while carrying his bike (and some sandwiches, I assume).

And in case you're curious as to how legit this is - IT'S LEGIT (again, Florida). And, for some reason, the owner of the Jimmy John's franchise in question is UPSET that their delivery people would sliiiightly break the law in order to do their jobs better.

If there's anything to be upset about, it's that the delivery guy didn't do a sweet jump over the moving train on his bike. So to make up for this grave injustice, please enjoy this:

Anyways, that guy REALLY earned his $2 tip.