Getting a tattoo is a big committment. But getting a tattoo when you're also the worlds largest shit generator? Man, I would buckle under that sort of pressure. Way to really stick to your guns, douche-ladels. 

1. Yeah, you vape. WE KNOW GARY

Douchey Tattoos Vape life

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2. The words say bazinga but the minion's face says "please end my suffering". 

Douchey Tattoos Minion

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3. Way to get those forever relevant maymays permenantly tattooed on your arm. 

Douchey Tattoos Memes

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4. If you don't cut yourself on the edge, you will die from the embarrasment you feel. 

Douchey Tattoos Atheist

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5. On a scale from one to extreme, how much do you hate your step-dad?

Douchey Tattoos Extreme

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