Disney Song Parody About Steak and Eggs

Youtuber DopeusMaximus made a delightful-looking breakfast (even if the steak IS a bit overdone) one day - but that by itself isn't very interesting (evne though steak and eggs ARE delicious). To spice things up, he treated the whole breakfast-preparation as if it took place in a Disney movie, with him as a Disney prince who just HAD to burst out in song about how he was making some steak and eggs. And, thank goodness, he recorded the whole thing. Honestly, Disney should hire this guy, because the song's actually legitimately pretty catchy.

In case you wanted to sing along (or perform this song yourself, when making a tasty breakfast in Disney Princess mode), here are the lyrics:

Hello friends, a wondrous day!

I am happy now to say -

that I am going to make some

Steak & Eggs!

Clear the counter, make some room -

You're the bride, and you're the groom,

And I hereby pronounce you

Steak & Eggs!

I don't want to start a fight

But I season my meat

'Cuz I'm not white

And that's just how I like my

Steak & Eggs!

Next we've got to grate the cheese

Omelette du fromage mais oui

'Cuz that's just how I like my

Steak & Eggs!

Cutting up the peppers,

Just a little, not a lot

Jalapeno peppers,

'cuz it's better when it's hot!

Crack the egg shells, nice 'n quick,

Sorry little baby chicks,

I need your bodies for some

Steak & Eggs!

Add the peppers and the cheese

Mix them, mix them, if you please

So I can hurry and eat my 

Steak & Eggs!

Spatula I cannot find...

Chorus: Here it is!

Oh thanks, so kind

And now I'm one step closer -

Steak & Eggs!

Turning on the stove

Heating up the pot

Watch out for that fire

'Cuz it's very, very hot!

Finally, on the stove!

Nearly there, now here we go!

I'm almost going to eat my

Steak & Eggs!

Even though I've had to wait

I'll soon have breakfast on my plate

Unfortunate I need not

Starve all day!

And this will end my story

An afternoon of glory!

I'm off to go and eat my...


And, just in case you were offended by the line about how white people don't season their meat, DopeusMaximus took to the Youtube comments to give some further context:

Disney Song Parody About Steak and Eggs

Although, honestly, if you walked away from this delightful, wonderful video without a smile on your face and were more concerned with being offended by one jokey line of the song, maybe you should re-evaluate your life choices.