Meet Jacob Andrews, a beloved internet illustrator here at CollegeHumor - and a man who's about to see how many t-shirts he can fit on his body at one time.

tee cision 2016 banner

Yes - at 5 PM EST, Jacob Andrews will be streaming live on CollegeHumor's Facebook page, getting countless t-shirts piled on him. And to make things a little more interesting, each t-shirt carries on it the visage of a current presidential candidate. The final shirt Jacob can fit on his body is our prediction for who will win the US Presidential Election for 2016.

In case you fear for Jacob's life (as you should), we have an EMT on stand-by, we're keeping Jacob well-hydrated, and we've told him that he's not allowed to die because that could get tricky for us, legally-speaking. The Guinness World Record for most t-shirts worn at once is 257 - we'll see if Jacob can top that (he probably won't, but who knows).


That's right - Jacob made it to 118 shirts, and it was decided that Bernie Sanders will DEFINITELY be the presidential candidate who wins this year!

ted kruz tee

bernie sanders tee

trump tee

hillary tee