Shutterstock is a great stock photo site with pictures for all your needs, and then some. Emphasis on the 'and then some.' Let's just say, if you scour deep enough, you'll find some pictures that are a bit...bizarre.

Here's 12 Shutterstock images (with their actual image titles) that might've gone a bit too far, possibly scarring these people for life. 

1. "Scared man with watermelon helmet trying to eat slice with parasitic caterpillar in it"

That's the same facial expression this man wakes up with every night, from nightmares of this images existance.


2. "Pregnant woman in man's outfit with soccer ball belly isolated in white"

How they didn't go with a soccer mom mention in the title is baffling.


3. "Nerd nailed while playing with a doll, similar available in my portfolio"

If this guy wasn't already in therapy, he is now.


4. "headphones"

Really, Shutterstock? No justification for the whole 'vegetables are now electronics' thing? K.


5. "Angry senior man waving a white flag seated on a toilet isolated on white background"

Normally on your death bed, your biggest life-regret is not spending more time with family. This guy's is this pic of him surrendering to his turd.


6. "Electric carrot"

"Did you bring any props for the shoot?" "No. I mean, I've got this carrot I brought for lunch?" "Great, stick it in your nose. Perfect. *Snap* Yes. *Snap* Wow, love the improv with the power cord."


7. "Man cuts a slice of sausage from his belly"

The only thing more disturbing than this man slicing his own stomach meat is the rest of his collection of stock photos. From a raman noodle face, to many, many, pics about sausages, there's hardly a normal one in the bunch.


8. "crying boy with a gun on the coast"

What did you make this boy do, Shutterstock!?


9. "androgynous tennis goth"

'Coming this fall to USA. Characters welcome.'


10. "Adorable and very flexible 7 year old french american boy laying on belly with legs twisted behind him. Smiling."

Adorable? You've MANGLED this child for a photo op, Shutterstock.


11. "man with shaving foam around head"

Oh, this creature is so much more than that. 


12. "Conceptual close-up portrait of pierced man with raw bloody hearts around his face"

Stock photos with 'raw bloody hearts' in the title should not exist. This is terrifying.

Welp, off to therapy!


All images via shutterstock.