These poor, poor dateless bastards.

1. Snapchat prom proposals never work out.

brutal prom rejections


2. Neither do turtle-based proposals.

brutal prom rejections


3. Not only did this guy get rejected, but he lost out on the donut money.

brutal prom rejections

brutal prom rejections


4. When you ask Miley Cyrus to prom, you can't be too surprised when this is her response.

brutal prom rejections


5. He literally left her no other choice.

brutal prom rejections


And the cringiest of cringe...rejections in video-form:

6. Nothing more awkward than getting rejected in front of 2,000 people.


7. Actually this rejection in front of about 10 people seems just as bad.

MrBased4life's channel

8. And this infamous prom acceptance that was somehow more cringeworthy than any prom rejection.

Daniel Pena