There's TMI, and then there's whatever this is.

1. "Don't worry; they're still in the larvae phase!"

cicada beard
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2. This is the face of a woman who wonders why she bothered to reproduce.

grandma cash
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3. Why seek medical attention when you can just... seek attention.

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4. Even Ben Franklin is embarrassed to be a part of whatever this is.

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5. What's the best filter to eliminate all traces of class?  

apres sex
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6. The veins make it *kissing finger tips* perfecto.

dick leg
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7. What did mom do to deserve this?

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8. Someone washed their junk in that, but let's not ruin it for her.

drinking fountain
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9. Making sure baby gets his vitamins W, T, and F.

spray tan baby
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10. Nothing says "I love you" like Dad's toenail fungus.

dad feet
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11. Maybe you're not ready for a credit card just yet.  Better let me hang on to it for you.

amex dumbass
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12. Nice biscuit. You don't want to know what he did with the gravy.

biscuit lover
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13. "Posing seductively on the toilet."

insta toilet
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