Why Is William Shatner Constantly Tweeting About Teen Shows?

You're probably familiar with William Shatner - he's an 85 year-old actor, most famous for his role as the original Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek television shows and movies. Since that role launched him into stardom, he's become an iconic figure in geek history, and has done a fair bit outside the Star Trek universe, including roles in Boston Legal, Miss Congeniality, and more.

And like many celebrities, his primary way of interacting and communicating with fans these days is social media. And similar to his Star Trek co-star George Takei, he's got a pretty big presence online. But while George Takei mostly sticks to progressive posts about gay rights and tolerance (and memes, so many memes), William Shatner's online persona seems mostly concerned with....getting in arguments about tween TV shows.

Yes, William Shatner - 85 year-old actor - has a Twitter account that largely revolves around arguing about Once Upon a Time fans about imagined lesbian relationships and livetweeting CW shows like The Vampire Diaries and The 100.

Here's William Shatner (the 85 year-old actor and star of Star Trek) just casually livetweeting an episode of Once Upon a Time (note that he does this a lot, but will delete them eventually):

Why Is William Shatner Constantly Tweeting About Teen Shows?

It's pretty clear (I hope) that William Shatner is not personally in charge of his Twitter account - lots of celebrities use social media firms to run their online presence, and plenty also sell their "online personas" to marketing firms to promote products, shows, movies, and more. Something promoting an upcoming geek convention, for instance, wouldn't seem entirely out of the ordinary from William Shatner (ignoring the idea that an 85 year-old would casually say "smoochie woochie"):

Getting William Shatner to literally livetweet a bunch of shows like a random teenager seems like an odd fit. He's not really making snarky jokes or particularly witty comments at all - just reacting to things on screen like anyone would.

Except, of course, he is 85 year-old actor William Shatner.

And it's not simply limited to ONE show - he livetweets all kinds of shows, but weirdly seemingly ONLY shows aimed at teens, like Every Single CW Show:

Why Is William Shatner Constantly Tweeting About Teen Shows?

If it were SOLELY limited to livetweeting, it would be one of those "that's weird, but whatever" things.

...it is NOT limited to livetweeting.

Here's William Shatner (the 85 year-old actor and star of Star Trek) arguing about "SwanQueen", a shipping within the Once Upon a Time fandom that imagines a romance between The Evil Queen and protagonist Emma Swan:

And that's a very, very small sample of how DEEP the William Shatner Twitter account is in the world of TV fandom, tweeting about haters in the fandom and getting super specific about his hopes for the future of the franchise (and using emojis?):

They've even got William Shatner (AN 85 YEAR-OLD) angrily tweeting that he's blocked a TV industry website on Twitter, specifically for articles about TV shows that might be canceled:

So - what the hell is going on with William Shatner's Twitter account? Best guess: he's 85 years old and could not give a shit less what happens to it, so let some social media marketing firm lease it out to a bunch of TV shows, and then a bunch of interns used it as an outlet for their Once Upon a Time venting.

This is a very weird footnote to the career of William Shatner, but one that will forever confuse the hell out of me.

Live long and prosper (and argue about Supernatural fan-shipping, I guess).