These intrepid athletes might want to sit this summer Olympics out. There's always 2020!

1. The old "hump him out of bounds" move. A classic.

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2. She's gonna feel that tomorrow. Or, ya know, now.

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3. I believe this dive is called "The Puckering Starfish."

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4. You had one job, dude. One.

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5. Impressive, but for all the wrong reasons.

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6. Move over, Lionel Messi!

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7. Not quite sure how this was supposed to go....

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8. As far as face plants go, I give it a 10.

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9. Who thought this was going to work?

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10. So close!

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11. Maybe gymnastics just aren't your thing, and that's okay.

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12. "Hello sand. I love you, sand."

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13. Slow your roll, kid.

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14. "I've made a terrible mistake."

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15. #SoRelatable 

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