The 4th of July is coming up, which likely means you'll be doing some grilling or around somebody who's doing some grilling. Before you go asking people how they like their wieners, do yourself a favor and learn from this girl's tale of grilling defeat. Like Hank Hill says, charcoal is NOT your friend. 

Should be easy enough, right?

Losing an eyebrow is a grilling rite of passage. 

woman loses an eyebrow

The only option is more lighter fluid.

grill coals go out

Or just dump anything that will burn in there. 

burning a paper towel in the grill

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Or they just feel pitty for the poor meal about to be cooked.

It's only going to get worse. 

woman grilling snapchat broken spatula

Cooking or just slowly being burned onto the grill?

Wine is going to be a requirement to choke down these sad burgers. 

Those look about as appetizing as Dead Pool's face

shrunken burger nuggest woman grilling snapchat fail

And the streak of failure continues. 

hot dog buns for burgers

Feeding these to a baby would be considered child abuse in some states.

shrunken burger nuggest woman grilling snapchat fail

A trip to the Wendy's drive-thru could have saved so much time. 

woman grilling snapchat time lapse

And another grill finds its way to the lonely pages of Craigslist. 

small grill for sale

If only somebody could have guided her on the use of propane and propane accessories. 

hank hill shaking head gif

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