Next time you're in the airport and hear your flight has been delayed, your luggage has been lost, or all the planes have been replaced with horse and buggy, think of these heroes who refused to let the airport get the better of them.

These people didn't let the evil airport and its overnight layovers get in the way of having a great time. And listen, if you can have fun at the airport, you can have fun anywhere.  

1. This person who opted out of having their "personal item" as carry-on

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2. This boss playing Age of Empires on his knee


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3. This artist whose airport is their canvas


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4. This guy nabbin' a quick sex change


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5. This dad who found a cooler mode of transportation than airplane


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6. This guy who lost a bet and went through security as a dinosaur


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7. This group of stormtroopers welcoming Darth Vader back home


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8. This lil' bro welcoming his Marine brother at the airport in style


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9. These girls who gave their sleeping dad a sticker makeover


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10. This evil genius who googly-eyed everything at the airport


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11. These adventurers who planned ahead for their overnight layover


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12. This guy kickin' things old school


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13. This prankster who faked everyone out with a fake outlet


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14. This bird who prefers airports to regular bird flying

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15. This ballet team intent on not missing practice

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16. These dancers also intent on not missing practice

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