With Pokémon trainers out and about more than ever before, the Pokéstop market has exploded, and it's led by kids. Here are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, starting their careers early as professional Pokémart employees. 

1. Color coordinated snacks for each team? This girl's gonna need a wheelbarrow for all her money.


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2. Dishing out buttons and smiles.


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3. A newfound twist an long time classic. The Pokélemonade Stand.


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4. Seriously, you can't beat the classics.



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5. This kid created Poké Glo reflecting buttons so players could safely play at night.undefined


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6. Simple supply and demand. Pokémon GO phones need charging more than anything.


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7. Hey this kid's playing favorites! Team Instinct gets to drink for free!


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8. This girl made delicious Pokéball cookies for people playing in the park.

Genius Kids Cashing In ></p>
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9. iOS and Android compatible? This girl might as well quit their day job.undefined

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10. Huge shoutout to this girl whose Pokéstop sent all proceeds to a humane society. Who would've thought Pokémon would make the world such a better place?


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