Hey, remember that 100% batshit insane court transcript from Georgia? The one where the defendant kept telling the judge to suck his dick, and that he had a "big ol donkey dick", and called the judge a "fuckman-ass cracker"? The one that was so wildly unbelievable and yet somehow completely true?

Well, Justin Roiland (of Rick & Morty fame) has taken everything a step further, animating and voicing the ENTIRE transcript IN CHARACTER as Rick and Morty. Naturally, Morty plays the judge and Rick plays the off-his-rocker defendant - and it surprisingly works PRETTY WELL.

The whole thing was premiered at this year's San Diego Comic-Con because Rick & Morty is God's gift to nerds everywhere. While the Justice League and Wonder Woman trailers were pretty dope, this is definitely the best thing to come out of SDCC 2016.

Wubba-lubba-dub-dub, fuckman.

And - since this is the internet - there's ALREADY FAN ART OF THIS VIDEO (courtesy of MrDespondency):

Rick & Morty Re-Enacted That Insane Georgia Court Transcript