Torture is unethical, uncivilized and downright medieval. But, come on, tell me you don't KINDA want to try these things out on your BEFL (best enemy for life, duh).

I mean, we're not saying go out and torture anyone, but if you HAD to, at least choose an updated method. 

1. Running on a treadmill covered in legos: 

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2. Not getting the food you purchased out of the vending machine: 


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3. Being told you can't straighten something hanging on a wall: 


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4. Someone ruining your perfect foodie instagram: 

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5. Having to watch ASPCA commercials on repeat: 


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6. Forever trying to plug you phone into an outlet that's actually a sticker: 

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7. Not being able to skip a Nickleback song: 


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8. Having your Pokémon game put in jeopardy: 

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9. Never being able to clear all the e-mails:  


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10. Having your Wi-Fi continually cut in and out: 

modern methods of torture

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