Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Millennials vs. Baby Boomers

Millennials - they're just a bunch of lazy, entitled, overly-sensitive crybabies, right? Well, no. The idea that you can summarize an entire generation with such lazy stereotypes (that also aren't actually based on anything) is a little ridiculous, but gets more ridiculous when you consider "millennials" is an insanely broad idea that's not reflective of anything, since it's a term made-up by a marketing company. Our own Adam Conover gave a presentation explaining why "millennials" aren't really even a thing.

Regardless, here are a few tweets that perfectly summarize the generational divide.

1. "Next Week: Are Millennials Breathing Too Much?"

2. No, seriously, they really did.

3. Baby Boomers just don't understand why young people aren't buying hyper-expensive rocks

4. Maybe Brexit wouldn't have passed if millennials would just explain Snapchat to an old person?

5. And actually, Pokemon GO has actually ADDED to the overall economy in pretty significant ways.

6. So the Baby Boomers caused one of the biggest global financial disasters in history? YOU MILLENNIALS WON'T STOP LOOKING AT YOUR DANG PHONES!

7. To be fair, old people laugh at internet memes too, but they're all weird Christian ones featuring the Minions.

8. Um, only HALF of the older generation is trying to ban entire groups of people based on stereotypes and racist beliefs.

9. Thank goodness for the wise older generation

10. Here's what it boils down to...

And in case you're still mad at Millennials for some reason...