Yeah it's no biggie or anything, but my uncle works at Niantic so he told me how to get all the legendaries. He told me not to tell anyone, but I can even show you how to hack your game so that you can get Missigno. Here, check out my Pokédex.

1. Got this totally real Mewtwo.


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2. Mew was right where he was rumored to be all along.

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3. Mew's moves are sick, too.


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4. It's artwork is just as beautiful as any. 

5. This one's actually a shiny, I don't know if you can tell.

6. Mewtwo is just standing weird because he's psychic and can levitate, duh.

7. Here's my Ditto transformed into a Drifloon

8. Niantic was nice enough to give me an Articundo!


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9. Zapdos' are a dime a dozen actually.


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10. Yeah, I don't even throw Pokéballs at them anymore.


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11. They're pretty common.


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12. My iPhone broke when I got this, but I had an upgrade so it was all good.

hilarious fake Legendary Sightings in Pokémon GO

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13. Nothing is rarer or harder to get than Shartmander.


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BONUS: A kid who's padding his resume with the help of some counterfeit legendaries.