8. The time Adam explained to us how jaywalking became a crime...



Why is jaywalking a crime? Why should you only be allowed to cross the street at very specific crossings? After all - shouldn't it be CARS that watch out for people, and not the other way around?

Believe it or not, the auto industry's to blame - to turn public opinion back towards the pro-car crowd and away from the pro-"Please Stop Hitting Us With Cars" one, they invented a nickname for people who crossed the streets willy-nilly, jaywalkers. They even planted stories in newspapers that blamed these "jaywalkers" for getting hit by cars. The term caught on - so well, in fact, that today it's actually illegal to "jaywalk," all because car makers didn't want to be blamed for giving people 2-ton steel projectiles that occasionally rammed into pedestrians.

History is full of weird stuff like this - and thanks to Adam, now we know.

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