1. It Makes You One of the Most Powerful People in the World


Yeah, your individual vote in a national election won't be a deciding factor. So sad.

But if you are eligible to vote in the US, you are in the 3% OF THE WORLD WHO CAN DECIDE how the strongest military force known to humankind uses its power. Yes, you are only 1 of 219 million Americans eligible to vote, but that ratio is a lot higher than 1 in 7.4 billion who live on this planet and are affected by the US military's decisions.

2. No One Cares If You Don't Vote


Sorry, James Dean, not voting is not an act of rebellion. It's your right to refrain, but The Big n' Powerful see it as apathy, meaning they can continue doing all their Big Powering unchecked. If you want more representation, you have to show up to for vote for more representation.

Not showing up demonstrates to politicians that your demographic's needs (like cost of college, access to internet, Harambe memorials) shouldn't be taken into account during the next election. So if you don't show up, the only person you're giving a big F YOU to is your own interests.

3. Local Elections are Where the Real Shit Goes Down

Actual Reasons You Should Register to Vote

Tired of a two-party system? Local elections are where third-party candidates have an actual shot at winning! Feel like your vote doesn't matter? On a local level they can literally come down to one vote! There's more to the ballot than the stuff getting national attention.

Look at a sample ballot for your area here to see what all you can vote for in the upcoming election.

4. You Can Cancel Out [insert name of your sworn enemy]'s Vote


That total idiot you hate in your Poli Sci 101 is possibly registered to vote, and the best way to shove their dumb political ideas up their self-righteous butthole? Make sure that brain-mushed skinsack's dumb opinions are canceled out by your own good opinions at the polls.

Even if you don't think you are super educated, you're definitely smarter than THAT dummy. If you're smart enough to know you are uneducated about issues, you have the advantage of being able to LEARN UP.

Think whoever wrote this article is an idiot? I'm also a registered voter who's gonna vote this election. Register to cancel my vote!

5. Political Fighting Rights


You lose any political Facebook debates if you are an eligible voter who didn't vote. Sorry. That's the only rule of Facebook Fight Club. Get that "I voted" sticker, and then you can scream obscenities at your college friend's crazy aunt on Facebook.

6. You May Get Paid Time Off Work to Vote


What's better than a sick day? SICK DAYS WITHOUT THE SICK. Check here to see if your employer is required to give YOU money to take time to vote.

Do you think that's a stupid policy? Vote for politicians who wouldn't support it!


7. It's So Simple Even You Can Do It


Registering to vote gets overwhelming quickly, but there's lots of resources that have simplified for you:

Not sure if you're registered? canivote.org

Not sure how to register or vote in your state? All states' voting policies are explained quickly here or, if you prefer a text version, try this one!