Rumors are currently swirling that Billy Bush will be receiving a $10 million settlement from NBC in exchange for amicably leaving his position as co-host of The Today Show, in light of the lewd conversation he had with Donald Trump on a shoot for Access Hollywood in 2005. Bush has been largely raked through the coals for his gross comments and generally accepting attitude of Trump's comments (including the infamous "grab 'em by the pussy").

But all that's changing - because word has it that he's planning to donate his ENTIRE 10 MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT TO WOMEN'S CHARITIES! Wow! What a guy!

The rumor was first broken by comedian Patrick Monahan:

Incredible, right? We all thought of Billy Bush as a selfish, greedy, sleazeball piece of garbage - but now that everyone's talking about how he's definitely donating his ENTIRE $10 MILLION SETTLEMENT TO CHARITY, it's hard to dislike the guy. And because everyone's talking about this, he would look like an EVEN BIGGER JERK IF HE DIDN'T FOLLOW THROUGH!

Thankfully, he pretty much HAS to follow through, given the huge popularity of people thanking Mr. Bush, all gathered under the trending hashtag #ThanksBilly:

Even big-time celebrities are celebrating this selfless act of rumored charity by Billy Bush:

It should be mentioned that none of this is confirmed by Billy Bush or any of his representatives. Regardless, don't forget to retweet ALL of these and write your own tweets (using #ThanksBilly) so that news organizations will start reporting this all over the place and Billy Bush get to see that we're all anxiously awaiting for him to donate the entire $10 million!