We're always amazed when a published design is absolutely terrible. Like, someone got PAID to accidentally make a children's toy look like a throbbing dildo. 

So, where do we apply for this job?

1. Never trust a news anchor.

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2. Hey, can you toss me a brewski, browski?

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3. Dang, that seems a bit harsh. 

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4. The "N" is silent...

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5. This reads like an E. E. Cummings poem. 

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6. You've got to blow to see Baymax grow!

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7. I don't understand what they're serving, but technically I still want it: 

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8. This suit will look great on every floating torso man: 

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9. For people who want you to watch, but are still a little too shy

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10. You WHAT your dog?

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