Well, it FINALLY happened - after 108 years without a World Series win (last win was in 1908, a time when women couldn't vote and Mark Twain was still alive), the Chicago Cubs have won the 2016 World Series after a nailbiting 7 game series against the Cleveland Indians (which included an unexpected Indians rally leading into a tie game going into the 9th inning, a rain delay, and FREAKIN' EXTRA INNINGS) - and they managed to do it WITHOUT a teenage pitcher who just broke his arm! This is after years of almost-wins, close-calls, Bartman balls, and a decades-long obsession with a cursed goat.

Naturally, the internet is a li'l excited...

And also, a quick shout-out to the Cleveland Indians, who played a helluva World Series against the Cubbies - and just couldn't fight destiny.

Also, sorry to this guy: