1. Brush your teeth in the shower


The amount of water you waste by brushing your teeth separately from showering is frankly a little ridiculous - estimates vary based on how long you leave the faucet on, but it can get up to around 5 gallons wasted. Why not just brush your teeth while you shower? You're cleaning the rest of your body - just clean your teeth too!

2. Pee in the shower


Peeing in the shower gets a bad rep - it's viewed as unhygienic and more than a little gross. But here's the thing - it's functionally the same as peeing in a toilet. All the water is rushing towards a drain, and it's not like there's anything in the shower that would absorb the urine. It's actually significantly grosser to pee in a toilet - if your pee splashes on the outer rim of the toilet, there's no automatic gush of water to wash it away like in the shower. So while you're shampooing your hair, take a whiz. You're saving time AND being cleaner.

3. Have sex in the shower


Sex is an inherently messy act - bodily fluids are being exchanged, you're getting all sweaty, and you might knock a few pillows off the bed. Regardless, most people end up showering after sex no matter what - both to clean themselves off and to be all fresh-smelling for sleeping with your partner. So why not save some time and just do the sex IN THE SHOWER? Shower sex is great - you've got warm water covering your bodies, everyone looks better dripping wet, and it's a nice change of pace from traditional bedroom sex. So combine sex and showering to both save time and spice up your love life.

4. Eat in the shower


Ever eat chili in the shower? You won't have to worry about cleaning up spills AND you're saving yourself a ton of time. Speaking of...

5. Shit in the shower


That chili's gonna give you the runs - so why not just shit in the shower too? Again, it's the same principle as a toilet, but with shitting there's the added benefit of not having to waste time and resources in wiping your butt afterwards. There's a jet of hot water to clean your butt AND you can actually use soap in the process. Hell, your butthole will be so much cleaner than when you entered the shower - why wouldn't you do this?

6. Work in the shower

Brilliant Lifehacks To Save Time In The Shower

Every day you have to get up early and rush through a shower JUST so you can go on a long commute to work? That's not the way life should work - you should get to ENJOY your shower and take your time in it. And that's why instead of having your shower be something you need to finish in order to get to your job, it should be the place where your job already is.

Now, you'll need to find a new line of work that both allows you to work from home AND - more specifically - in the shower. Most jobs using computers will be tricky in the shower, so figure out something more along the lines of "freelance artist whose parents pay for my rent and food." Just because life isn't working out the way you thought it would doesn't mean you don't deserve the luxuriousness of a warm, long morning shower.

7. Cry in the shower


Listen, we all cry like 3-4 hours every day - why not do it in the shower? A nice warm shower is the kind of comfort you need during a daily cry session, and the noise of the running shower will drown out your loud weeping so neighbors and roommates don't get concerned. Plus, all the time you'll save by combining showering and crying will give you plenty of extra time to get lectured by your roommates about how much time you're spending in the shower and your general well-being and why there were some poo crust on the wall next to the shower.

And, hey, if you have a little extra time - maybe shower while you're in the shower? Just an idea.