As we all know Donald Trump is president now? How did we get here? Well, I'll explain it the most palatable way I know how: Using a series of references to The Simpsons!

Donald Trump announced his candidacy and at first nobody paid him much mind: 

People thought that Donald Trump was just a crazy person with a big ego. He could never be president: 


So we all just kind of laughed it off: 

Things would have been fine if people could have just stopped paying attention to him: 

But his campaign was too much of a spectacle, and the media just kept putting all their focus onto him: 

Trump got coverage for his insane rallies: 

Along with the bombastic rhetoric he spouted: 

And people began to listen to what he had to say: 

With the help of members of the Alt-Right....

Trump was able to appeal to a base of people that politicians didn't often reach out to: 


After he got his nomination, he also garnered support from many people who were willing to overlook the candidates many flaws, in favor of some of his other promises: 


Going into the election, Hillary voters were a little bit cocky: 

But they soon found that voting wasn't gonna go the way they wanted: 

Hillary won the popular vote, but Trump won the election: 

Hillary gave her concession speech: 

And the nation was not sure how to feel about the man they just elected: 

Who's to say what the future of Trump's America holds? That said, The Simpsons seems to have predicted a lot about this election, so this probably sums it up nicely:

Images Courtesy of Frinkiac