Meet Toronto Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein, a person online who likes to act as something of a professional asshole on Twitter (aka, most people on the internet), who recently decided he would condescendingly prod "SJW"s about the obvious hoax that is global warming / climate change, with the belief that people who believed in such things (such as 97% of all scientists around the globe) are nothing but blind sheep who have no understanding of what they claim to believe.

Unfortunately for Lorrie, he didn't anticipate getting absolutely smacked down by writer Karen Geier, who calmly explained the science behind climate change in pretty clear and understandable terms that basically anyone could get....except "colossal donut" Lorrie Goldstein, perhaps.

It's pretty incredible - a late-entry for one of the most brutal burns of 2016:

WOW. It's worth clicking into the thread to see people reacting to Ms. Geier's unholy owning of Mr. Goldstein, but this pretty much encapsulates it:

This Guy Dared Someone To Explain Climate Change and Got Science'd Hard