With a mere 10 days until the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, news broke today of memos - published by BuzzFeed - implicating Trump in a variety of deals and communications with Russia...but the main takeaway was this passage:


In case you have any trouble reading the above (or just don't feel like reading it), here's the main takeaway: Trump supposedly stayed in the same room as President Obama had on diplomatic visits to Russia and had prostitutes piss on him in the same bed Obama had slept in - and the Russian government had bugged the room so they had proof of the whole thing.

Basically, Trump likes golden showers.

Again, this is all a bit suspect - supposedly these memos had been floating around journalist circles for months, with no one taking the bait because the source (supposedly an ex-British intelligence official) was not a known entity and none of the claims were verifiable. Regardless, people are very excited to make lots of pee jokes about our soon-to-be President:

It wasn't long before Donald Trump graced us with his measured, calm response:

...to which everyone had some interesting replies:

Strangely, a few people saw this coming: one being Modern Family writer Danny Zuker (who previously got into a few Twitter feuds with Trump, in his pre-presidential run days) back in March 2016:

...and Fox News, back in November 2016: