This is Unquestionably the Cringiest Couple In History

Listen, you see a LOT of cringe-y things when you spend as much time on the internet as we do here at CollegeHumor. Hell, we're in the depths of r/CringePics on a daily basis, half because it's insane how low and sad humanity can get, and half because it makes us feel just sliiiightly better about ourselves (no matter how weird and shitty any of us have been, at least we're not r/CringePics-level bad). But this couple even shocked us a bit - a couple so cringe-y, that they made a series of "breakup photos."

A glamour photo album....for your breakup.

While dressed as a low-rent version of Lindsey Weir from Freaks & Geeks and a side character from a Wes Anderson movie.

While hanging out in a desolate street in the midlde of winter.


And honestly, as bad as the whole concept is, it wouldn't have been THAT bad if not for the final photo:


Her dead-eyed thousand-yard stare. Him sadly holding her at the hip while on his knees. Her oversized coat. His sullen face pointed at the ground. How?!

Listen - breaking up is hard, especially in your teenage years when emotions and hormones are running wild and everything feels like end-of-the-world intensity. But c'mon.


The rest of the internet is in shock too:

So the lesson here is - don't have an overly mopey, faux-artistic, extraordinarily cringe-inducing photo shoot for your high school breakup. If you HAVE to do something to commemorate your breakup (which you really don't need to do), just do like Jack White and throw a "divorce party." At least that way you get to have a little fun, and not take a series of photos that will haunt and embarrass you for the rest of your life.