If the world of virtual reality has been to expensive or unwieldy for your taste up until now, the folks at Good Culture bring to you the type of VR that'll have you Black-Friday stampeding people to get your hands on it.

The future of VR is here. Experience it.

via GoodCulture

Beautiful. Inventive. Revolutionary. No longer do we have to go about our days hanging on to the slim hope that we will see elderly men in tighty whities dancing and fucking one another. No, no. Now we may see it whenever we want.

Here's the original Samsung ad, "All the Feels" that they greatly improved.

via Samsung

I'd order some VR now, before it goes out of stock. Because these old as fuck sluts are gonna have em FLYIN off the shelves. Thank you old ass fuck sluts. You have ushered in the dawn of a new era.