If you're TICKED off and need to blow off some serious steam put those white knuckles around your phone and scroll, baby. We've got your fix. Just don't hurt us.

1. A lightbulb

via DipDuMagaZu

2. Silly string

via HitlerBreastMilk

3. Batteries (with a supa hot thingy)

via KidMiracleman

4. Helmeted watermelon

via phuNkii

5. Barbie 

via Bom69GT

6. LEGO man

via pizzadestroyer

7. A bowling ball

via jawsmorgan

8. Cactus

via DipDuMagaZu

9. Cute lil clay snakes

via Mrsindependent

10. Bowling pin

via Bom69GT

11. Soda can

via DipDuMagaZu

12. A bunch of mix CDs

via barracuda415

13. Jenga!

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