Hey, you. Log on to Twitter and give the above tweet a RT. Don't think - just do it.

Done? Okay, we can resume: meet Carter Wilkerson, a humble everyman who has a simple dream - to get a year's worth of free nuggets from his favorite nuggets distributor, Wendy's. It all started with a simple exchange, where my boy Carter just shot a tweet to Wendy's to see what it would take for them to give him 365 days of sweet sweet nuggs free of charge...and Wendy's came up with an improbably high number:

What Wendy's did NOT expect was Carter's thirst for nuggs and the internet's support of Carter's dreams - within hours his tweet begging for help on his NuggQuest had thousands of retweets, and as of this writing has OVER ONE MILLION RETWEETS.

Eventually the offhand response from Wendy's led to a fully-fledged internet movement - and even the Wendy's Twitter account had to take notice:

Of course, even with the support of the internet in full-swing, 18 million retweets is a HIGH order. Like, NO ONE has EVER gotten anywhere NEAR 18 million retweets ever. Hell, the most heavily-retweeted tweet in internet history is Ellen's celebrity-filled selfie from the 2014 Oscars - and that had the advantage of happening with the help of multiple movie stars during a heavily-viewed live broadcast...and it still hasn't even made it to 4 million RTs.


But there's a difference: Ellen was just goofing around (on orders from Samsung, but still), while Carter is on an important quest - a quest to obtain free nuggs. And while the grassroots movement to get Carter his RTs may not be able to reach 18 million RTs alone, people are working on alternative ways to get Carter to that miracle number - like paying for Twitter bots to automatically RT the message repeatedly by setting up a GoFundMe:


(For those curious and/or upset about it, Carter himself says the GoFundMe is intended as a joke, so don't get too upset.)

Carter's also relentlessly promoting his quest - tagging Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon in tweets, pushing the #nuggsforcarter hashtag, and basking in his newfound celebrity - after all, Carter represents the best in us: hope, passion, and hunger for nuggets.

By the way - if you were wondering what the reality of Carter's prize really would mean, someone on Twitter has calculated precisely how many nuggs Carter would receive over the course of the year, and how many RTs were required per nugg (if Carter got to 18M):

For their part, Wendy's is being VERY supportive:

Meanwhile, Carter is showing his passion for nuggs runs deep - he's still paying for his own nuggs for the time being, because if you're a nugglord, that's just how it goes:

So do your part - the world is chaotic and we have little control over it, but one thing we CAN control is helping Carter get his nuggs. Click here to help Carter achieve his dreams.