Things are dark right now - around the world people are dying from war, poverty, natural disasters, and all manner of violence. The future feels uncertain, with ominous threats peeking out over the horizon in a seemingly endless stream. But humanity cannot look into the abyss forever - sometimes you must look away, if only for a brief moment, lest the abyss stare back.

So here are some funny tumblr posts we think you'll like. Enjoy!

1. 2017 politics, summarized.


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2. Sometimes maybe hold off on the dad jokes...


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3. Pluto doesn't get to be a planet, but this sphere potato gets to be? No fair.


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4. The Mad Max prequel has already begun...


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5. None of them are wrong.


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6. This is what real bravery looks like.


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7. To be fair, millennials don't have money to begin with.


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8. Not all heroes wear capes....some of them pretend to be Gary Oak.


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9. The Cars universe is a lot deeper than we thought.


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10. Don Featherstone lived the Don Featherstone-iest life possible.

Funny Tumblr Posts That Will Have You Laughing

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11. "Young cavemen depend too much on 'fire.' What happened to the good old tactic of freezing to death?"


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