Fracking is a controversial topic, to say the least - the past decade or so have seen the relatively new method of extracting natural gas from deep rock formations using pressurized liquid as a lightning rod in many communities and on the national stage. Many charge that the effects of fracking are still not largely understood, but early signs show that it can cause massive public health risks and significant damage to the surrounding environment. Proponents of fracking are....largely people who have financial interests in fracking.

Support for fracking is at a record low - only 36% of Americans are in favor of fracking, while 53% oppose it. And even amongst those who support it, it's not a lighthearted issue - it's one of economic necessity.

Which is why the whole idea of goofy, sincere fracking memes struck me as maybe the weirdest thing I'd ever seen - but it exists, and it's real. These all come from FrackFeed - an online media brand supported by natural gas corporations that thinks they can turn the idea of fracking into fun, shareable memes by aping Buzzfeed. Which...honestly wouldn't be the worst idea, if only their sole subject matter was literally anything except FRACKING.

So if you love old people making confusing memes about fracking in a misguided attempt to connect with a younger audience, the internet finally has something for you.