There are all sorts of facts in the world: fun facts, weird facts, sex facts, the list is virtually endless. 

But, let's not forget the there are also horribly disturbing truths about life that'll make clench your fists and suck your balls up into your stomach due to sheer cringe factors.  

So, before you dive face first into these upsetting tidbits of knowledge, remember, ignorance truly is bliss. 

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1. OneNineRed challenges our stomachs: 

Most, if not all, of the Challenger astronauts were alive and conscious as they fell into the Atlantic.

2. Sojio gets heated: 

Fucking. Pyroclastic. Flows. where cascades of super-heated gases and debris fall from the side of a volcano. The gases are so hot, that if you are caught in one your brain literally boils and explodes out of your skull. Oh yeah, forget outrunning one, or even out-driving one. These flows can reach speeds of up to 430mph, and reach temperatures of 1900 degrees F.

Minimum safe distance? The volumes range from a few hundred cubic meters to more than 1,000 cubic kilometres. So, fuck your minimum safe distance.

If these bastards hit a river, they can create a 'lahar', a boiling roiling mud rapid. So if you aint gettin roasted you're getting boiled/fried.

Nope. Absolutely not. Thanks Volcanos. Jerks.

3. WeissWyrm isn't dicking around: 

Ducks have horrifying corkscrew-shaped penises. They use them to fuck male ducks, female ducks, live ducks, dead ducks, and even some things that aren't ducks.

4. donut_mug26 ruins sea doggos for everyone: 

Dolphins are rapists. There been known to bump fish into underwater caves and rape then to death. Makes watching Planet Earth tough.

5. -thirty-three- makes us feel underdressed: 

there are billions of formally dressed corpses buried underground

6. sixorangesocks takes a lovely tour of mass graves: 

Went on a "ghost tour" in London. Learned that most open grassy areas (ie parks), are in fact plague pits from way back when. Never mind about taking that picnic in the park tomorrow dear.

7. SoDakZak is a little bit salty: 

Drowning sucks.....even worse in the ocean.

Everyone knows, even by instinct, that inhaling water is bad. What most of us don't know is saltwater and freshwater both drown you from suffocation, but the process on a chemical level is very different. When ocean water enters your lungs, your body attempts to regulate the high salt content. Blood will enter into the lungs and thicken because the salt cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream. The process is very different from freshwater, where the water in the lungs can be absorbed into your bloodstream. When the blood cells attempt to absorb too much water at once they burst, leading to a quick death. But what about salt water? What happens to you while your blood thickens? Well, the good news is that salt water takes longer to kill you, leaving more time to be rescued. It also means you may stay conscious up to the point when you die, about ten minutes after the moment when you first inhaled it.

(In addition to breathing in water, you can "drown" hours after leaving water because of water sitting in your lungs. It's called dry drowning *or secondary drowning - Haiku_lass)

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8. Phantom_61 is disoriented: 

Your brain is actively editing your senses.


You can always see your nose.

You have a blind spot in your vision but your brain fills in the missing data.

9. smegmami has us rethinking Babe: 

Pigs will eat anything. Murder someone and feed their body to pigs. 

10. mynameisntdoug draws blood: 

The human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems.

11. Psy_DO makes us feel short of breath: 

During a severe asthma attack, your airways close so significantly that no air can move through them. You're left heaving violently with all your breathing muscles to desperately get to the air locked outside your body until you eventually fatigue and die. It's like when you get a plastic bag stuck over your mouth, except it's down in your lungs.

Some medications, if dosed improperly, can cause a potentially deadly rash all over your body called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, where in bad cases your skin essentially sloughs off.

EDIT: Those are two separate disturbing facts. Asthma isn't related to the Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

12. ddmf reveals why pandas are actually hard fucking core:

A bamboo shoot is strong enough to penetrate flesh. If of course you fell asleep on one (or more!) for a couple of days...

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13. AVZ_Gone gives us statistics: 

Only 1.3% of the uranium in little boy (dropped on Japan) caused a nuclear fission, the rest was blown away. Less than a gram of uranium killed thousands.

EDIT: Less than 1KG (not grams)

14. mountainsprouts knows TMI: 

The placenta of a woman that smoked during pregnancy smells like wet carpet.

My roommate is a nursing student doing her placement in the maternity ward this week.

15. alfa_phemale gets deep:

The rectum is nightmarishly elastic.