If ever there was a tweet worthy of your likes or RTs, it is these beautes. So give 'em a gander and decide which to bestow your love and affection upon.

1. There's a million kebabs with just picture of kebabs.

2. This is the perfect video.

3. "Next up is our model Trisha wearing the Ugly Ass Sliced Honey Baked Ham Lookin Ass Shoe & Prada Necklace"

4. Nobody disrespects the Pop-Tart and gets away with it.

5. A man of his word.

6. Work(out) Hard, Play Hard

7. Do not borrow your children, no matter how great the story.

8. Deep.

9. Hahaha (also my current searches are no better).

10. You kinky sob.

11. Mom mockery is the best mockery.

12. Coincidence? Doubt it.