Sometimes, you learn more than you ought to in school: like how to get high off of non-toxic glue or drive a school bus even though you don't have a license yet.

But, we must remember, what we learn at school is important for our future. 

The people over at /r/AskReddit/ seem to have learned some valuable lessons as well, like maybe don't set the cafeteria trashcans on fire. 

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1. turbo-cunt

Four kids stole a van, lined it up with the main entrance, and put a brick on the accelerator. The ensuing fire kept us out of school for a few days. They were caught after tweeting about doing it, IIRC.

2. Lumbulberry

There was a kid in my middle school with anger issues that no one knew had anger issues. He went on a rampage and smashed all of our display cases with his BARE HANDS. Next day his fists were bandaged and he had to hold them over his head. He walked up to me and said, "Sorry dude I just lost control"

People Admit Their School's Best Known Scandal

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3. Sublimelyray:

That show True Life on MTV? First episode ever was about heroin addiction, filmed at my high school.

4. humcalc216

Someone dressed up like a ninja and stabbed a kid with a machete in the woods behind the high school.

(This was after I graduated, so I don't know much more than these bare details.)

5. Claydius_Maximus:

Over Christmas break of my sophmore year in high school our principal was pulled with over twice the legal BAC. Instead of being immediately taken to jail as he should have been, he was escorted home. Over the next week he was on almost every local news station and even got a minute or two segment on CNN. Needless to say, the faculty didn't think it was a laughing matter but the students found it hilarious and spent the remaining weeks of break having t shirts made saying things like "i partied with Dr. Syverson and lived." Good times...

6. Shabeydoo

Someone decided to let off a canister of pepper spray. Me and a group of friends discovered it had been set off in a stair way were we used to hang at break time, because we were choking and coughing non stop. Alerted staff, but it wasn't until lunch time when we came back from the gym that there was police, ambulances and helicopters all over the school. They didn't know what the gas was and suddenly everyone needed to be seen by a doctor and was kept inside the classrooms. Parents were turning up and creating a mob outside. Two dad's got into a fight near the police helicopter that had landed in our field and got arrested. News crews turned up and everything.

7. jbooboo

My school's music teacher gambled away thousands of dollars that the students had raised to help them attend competitions. Now they can't have nice things.

8. AgentWhiskey

There was a teacher who had left my school and went to work at another school the year after I was in their class. The teacher performed a science experiment that went horribly wrong without the proper safety procedures and ended up setting a student on fire.

Edit: To clarify, this did not happen at my high school. It happened at the school the teacher transferred to. This was in NYC.


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9. Meowmeowsuplex

An English teacher had a year+ long affair with an 11th grade girl. He was transferred to a junior high while we were in grade 12, and their relationship continued; they would prance around the halls after hours at the junior high which was caught on camera and how he was busted (not so smart).

Apparently, she was living in an apartment at the time due to rough home life, and her boyfriend would come by, they'd have sex, he'd leave, then the teacher would come over with groceries for her, they'd have sex, and the cycle continued for months, unbeknownst to the bf.

He was arrested the year after high school; of course his homelife with his wife and 2 kids was ruined. I learned all of this about 4 years after high school when I ran into the former bf at a bar and he filled me in about everything, pretty crazy.

10. I-Am-The-SquidQueen:

Our football coach got suspended for putting his dick in a hotdog bun so that was pretty cool

11. baronofbears12

Kids stole a bust of the guy who donated the new gym to our school. They would take take pictures of him around the "world" with obviously fake scenic backgrounds from Hawaii and mount Rushmore and would all say wish you were here but then the school threatened to involve the FBI over the morning annoucements and the kids returned the bust the next day in the principal's parking spot.

12. UngratefulNoob

Someone drew a swastika in shit on the wall of a bathroom.

He was nicknamed "Shitler" It was a fun year.

13. destroy233

Not my schools but it's like a town over Last year on an out of town football trip 4-5 of their football players were drinking lean and vodka and had a bag of funyuns, one of them decided it would be funny to A. eat them off of each other's dicks, and B send a video to the vice principal.... needless to say they got suspended, but funyuns are now banned from that school for some reason....

EDIT-for fun I'll add one from the great years of middle school

In the 7th grade there was a student we'll call joe. Now joe on top of being annoying and never shutting the fuck up in class, had um...digestive problems. He would routinely pass gas like a Gatling gun, and would also run out of class screaming holding his ass, presumably so he didn't shit himself. Once towards the middle of the year he passed gas so god aweful, it made our math teacher throw up. Then, a class or two later , he continued to pass gas like this causing a classroom to be shut down for an entire goddamn week. He promptly left the school and we never talked about that again.

14. icarusJC:

We had multiple: -

  • one kid (year 10) set fire to the boys toilets because they stopped serving fish and chips on a friday in the canteen
  • another kid (year 9) set up camp on top of one of the school buildings and threatened to jump (1 storey building)
  • two people in my year (year 12) got caught fucking in the staff toilet ... the head of school waited outside the room till they finished
  • a group of year 9s set up a fight club disguised as a maths study group

15. GruntySqueakBeak

Some guy shoved a glue stick up his arse and punctured something.


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