Enough is enough with all these headlines about millenials ruining this or millenials ruining that. How about we take a second and appreciate some of the great things that have come to be thanks to (for the most part) millenials.

1. Kalanth -- Working from bed is like working from heaven. 

Work environments are certainly changing. My company is strongly encouraging working from home and more comfortable furniture compared to what it was like just 10 years ago.

2. RobNtheHood -- You gotta tame that thing. 

My beard, before these kids all started growing beards I didn't know what beard wax was.

3. Bears-Beers-BJJ -- We are no longer bound to meat and potatoes. 

Restaurants. Ten years ago the cities Ive lived in were basically all bland uninspired chain restaurants, or independent ones that somehow were worse. Now there is a ton of vibrant fun places to try!

4. momentsofzen -- Yesss, so many interesting and unique shows/games/everything. 

Entertainment. With the sheer amount of content available on things like Netflix and YouTube and Steam, people are getting choosier and driving quality up.

5. solidawesomeness -- True. Old school coming back. 

Boardgames! With more and more videogames becoming online multiplayer instead of local multiplayer like in the olden times, boardgames have stepped back in to fill that gap. More and more new and interesting board games are being released all the time it's pretty great now.

6. OpusMajus79 -- As long as they aren't face tattoos. 

It's OK to have tattoos and fire-engine red hair now in an office setting, even if the dress code is "business professional"

7. Truth_bom -- Don't even google them. It will hurt your soul. 

Comic book movies. You kids have no idea how bad it was in the 80's

8. workawaymyday -- Don't be afraid to try new, weird shit. 

Hipster millennials have done wonders to the food industry. They're all rail thin, but for whatever reason have amazing food at their restaurants.

9. PmButtPics4ADrawing -- Very true. Most of the crazy rude ones are middle aged cranks. 

I've noticed that young people tend to be so much more empathetic than baby boomers. As someone working in retail, I don't think I've had a single rude customer under 30.

10. OhHiGCHQ -- Parents with their old timey postcards. Get outta here with that. I barely even check my mail any more. 


No seriously, people complain about "millennials" always texting but truth is, we communicate with more people in more ways and at a faster speed.

I mean from my phone I can talk to friends in the Netherlands, Australia, the USA, or even just within Scotland with the ease of communicating with someone next door.

Twitter allows one to spread and get news quickly, facebook informs you of family events, snapchat allows you to go "look at this" with people all over the world. Meanwhile my parents still send fucking postcards every fucking time they go away.

We killed postcards, then made our own postcards which are a lot better.

11. fgfdgtregreger -- Oh man those horrible looking sites from the olden days were SO BAD. 

Websites are a lot prettier because 99% of millennials work in I.T.

12. jurassicbond -- People make jokes about craft beer, but c'mon. It's great. 

Beer. I hated beer until I started trying craft brews, and those are getting easier to find on an almost daily basis. Even my regular grocery store has a decent selection these days.

13. oldmanchewy -- This person uses a shitload of taxis/Ubers but the point is taken. 

Uber has probably saved me an average of $1000/year vs taxis.