Right now, you're passing up the opportunity to get a bunch of free stuff and not even realizing it. So many people and companies are just ITCHING to give away free stuff to anyone who wants it - it's just a matter of finding out who's giving stuff away and how to get it. Luckily this r/AskReddit thread popped up and inspired us to share some insights from there and some of our own. The point is - you should start collecting FREE STUFF RIGHT NOW.

1. Writing to companies will get you free stuff. I know this personally, since I went so far as to write up a mini-comic about how much I loved a product that sucked boogers out of baby noses...and the company sent me a bunch of free things and a nice note.

If you write to companies about how much you love their products they'll send you free shit. That was one of our assignments in my 10th grade English class. I remember one girl wrote to McDonalds and they sent her like a coloring book and crayons and shit. I wrote to Arizona Green Tea because I used to be OBSESSED. And they sent me tons of $1 off coupons which was great because they're 99 cents each.

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2. LIBRARIES. Libraries are FULL OF FREE STUFF - books, magazines, newspapers, movies - all sitting there, for free. And in case you thought they weren't keeping up with modern technologies, guess again - they are. You can get ebooks and downloads pretty easily - here are the links to Overdrive and Hoopla, you have no good excuse for not checking them out.

Overdrive. It's an app that links you with your library so you can read ebooks from the library on your Kindle app. You just need a local library card.

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Don't forget Hoopla, all you need is a library card and you can borrow books, comics, movies, tv shows, and music for free.

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3. The tax code has been designed to be complicated and confusing ON PURPOSE, so that ordinary people will feel as though they have no choice but to seek out tax accountants or software to help them file. But guess what? There's a free e-filing service you can take advantage of - and if that comes as a surprise to you, that's on purpose too.

In the USA, completing and filing your federal taxes electronically for free: https://www.irs.gov/filing/free-file-do-your-federal-taxes-for-free.

The reason you haven't heard of it is because there are $0 allocated to advertising. Go figure.

If your gross income is $64,000 or less, you can have a major e-filing service complete your taxes for you online. Yes, you still have to fill in the boxes, but it's better than figuring it out yourself.

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I moved into a town of < 10k people and emailed their chamber of commerce to ask if there's anything I should check out as a new person. They got my address and sent "The Welcome Wagon". Her name was Barb and she gave us some local information, explained about town run events and how the garbage schedule works here. Then she told us about different businesses in town and gave us "Welcome gifts" from a bunch of them. Things like a coupon for a free large pizza, and free oil changes and such.

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5. If you love documentaries, the internet WANTS YOU TO HAVE THEM FOR FREE. DocumentaryHeaven.com is a great resource - as well as the r/Documentaries subreddit (that compiles freely available ones from Vimeo, YouTube, and elsewhere).

There's a free documentary website, Documentaryheaven.com is a site where you can watch thousands of docs on almost any topic, it's all streamable, and there's no signups or credit card. Just Doc Youtube.

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6. Businesses will give you free stuff on your birthday - here's a pretty comprehensive list of all the free stuff you can get from all the places, but just on the day of your birth.

Firehouse subs will give you a free 6 inch sub on your birthday, just need proof.

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7.Volunteer for stuff! Not only will you being doing some good in the world, but you can get free stuff - beyond just normal swag (t-shirts, tote bags, hats, etc.), you can get nice perks, like free admission to national parks when you volunteer 250 hours.

Volunteer Fire Departments. Show up for 4ish hours a month (one hour a week!) and you get your own suit of firefighting gear, training on how to drive and operate emergency vehicles, and other handy skills like kicking down doors, putting out house fires, and establishing a water supply during a fire emergency!

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8. If you want to learn things WITHOUT paying for tuition, there are plenty of free courses available online - even from Harvard!

Looks like it hasn't been mentioned yet, but edX. It's a site with a bunch of free online university courses. While it isn't a replacement for a typical university education, it is perfect for people who like to continue to learn in a more structured manner.


Related to this is MIT Opencourseware. Free university course material - but specifically by MIT! This is a great resource for a lot of STEM subjects.


9. Seriously - you can officiate your friend's weddings (or ANYONE'S wedding) for free through the Universal Life Church.

You can become an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. It takes like 30 seconds and you can use it to officiate weddings.

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10. People are always just giving away their junk - beyond Freecycle, you can always check out Craigslist or the curb at college campuses around end of semester!

Freecycle.org. it's a site where people post to get rid of often perfectly good things they don't need anymore for free rather than dump them. you can search by locality and post your own unwanted goods

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11. Videogame companies / platforms give away videogames for free fairly often - pay attention to GOG.com, Steam, and others for these deals to randomly pop up.

Ubisoft is going to give away Black Flag soon to all people who have UPlay accounts

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12. Dolly Parton is better than all of us - if you know of some kids who could use some free books, check out her Imagination Library offering.

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. free books for kids in the mail every month from birth to five years of age!

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13. And one more - the old favorite of checking if you have unclaimed money from the government. You have to do it on a state-by-state basis, but you might find out you're due some FRESH MONEY.