In a world filled with millions of douchebags, there's bound to be some really great, really terrible stories about them. These are those stories.

1. FusRoDoodles -- That booth employee deserves a raise. 

Worked at a festival next to a funnel cake booth. Nice dude drops a 50 for the next 10 people in line to each get a free cake. Two people take their free cakes gratefully, but the third is a middle aged bitch with a sour face. She wants all of the remaining 8 funnel cakes for herself alone. The dude in the booth told her no and wouldn't even give her one if she bought it, but for real, the fact she even tried is douchey as fuck.

2. godonlyknows620 -- "Loud whispered" 

During college- we had to give a short presentation of our paper to the 200+ person class. This presenter happened to be a student with a very noticeable stutter. 

The two girls sitting in front of me started to imitate him in a very cruel way, laughing all the while. And that too, openly enough for the student to see them. 

Finally someone loud whispered for them to shut the fuck up. And they did.

3. MADDOGCA -- That's just evil. 

A customer doing whatever he could to bring a poor cashier down to tears and then had the nerve to smirk because he made a cashier cry.

4. Socialist7 -- What is in it for them? 

I used to work in an office with a guy who would run and tell the management about every single little thing people did or said. Any offhand remark and he would run squealing to the managers about it. The worst part was he acted like your friend to lull you into a false sense of security.

5. dwcle -- You felt like a hero because you WERE a hero. 

Nothing too crazy but I was third in line at a gas station to pay when the customer at the register drops a $5 bill or whatever out of his pocket when he goes to pay. The douche in front of me puts his foot on the bill so when the first guy leaves, he can clean up. So when the first guy turns to leave I say, "Hey man, you dropped some cash". The look on the second guys face as he moves his foot to reveal the money was wonderful. I felt like a hero that day.

6. kel_beast -- He better have been busy donating to important causes on his phone or something. 

I was taking my lunch break outside at my old job (mall) A couple is walking up to the door, wife with a double stroller, husband looking at his phone. He opens a single door for himself, instead of hitting the giant button that would open both doors so his wife and children could easily enter the building. She asks for help, he says nothing, still looking at his phone and let's the door slam in her face. Definitely not the absolute douchiest thing, but I still get pissed thinking about it.

7. zSilverFox -- Uhh, kids come and go but rings are forever. 

We visited family overseas, including my dad, who I hadn't seen in a decade. My dad went all out and got us a cabin on a nearby (2 hour drive) nature reserve. He saved a longass time and spent a lot of money to take us to different areas in said reserve to see wildlife and enjoy scenery. His birthday was that week. At the party his wife made a point that she was upset she couldn't get him an expensive ring she liked "because you kids came down and cost us so much." He doesn't even like rings. He wanted to make memories with his children, fuck me right?

Edit: the money was his, she was covering bills to allow him to save up his disability income so she had less spending money. She prioritized her kids above all else and was manipulative as fuck. An honorable mention:

When my dad moved in with her, she sent my mom a letter saying he needed to hear that his marriage was truly over, the divorce was final, and that his children would be ok without him in our lives. My mother obliged as step-mom was her trusted friend. It wasn't easy but she felt it was for the best that he get closure. Turns out my dad wanted to stay in contact and be involved in his kids lives. He never knew that his step-mom told her to send a letter. He was destroyed when he read it. It still hurts him today.

8. pineappleofdespair -- Chex Mix is very affordable. Just buy the Chex Mix. 

This lady parked right outside of a gas station, threw her trash on the ground outside of her car, then went inside and stole 2 bags of Chex Mix.

9. mjcornett -- Yeeeah, probably best not to be friends with people like that. 

My ex-best friend cheated on her boyfriend of two years and after she told him, he forgave because he just is that good of a guy. She broke up with him anyways and then proceeded to lead him on while dating other people. 

One night after her new guy wasn't answering the phone, she went and picked this ex up. While they were in the car, the new guy calls and she takes her ex back and drops him back where she picked him up. 

We stopped being friends because of the way she treated him.

10. Axelsnack -- I would breathe heavily into it and hand it back. There, it is warmed. 

This really douchey husband of my wife's friend, at a dinner ordered heated cognac. After claiming it wasn't warm enough for his refined taste (loudly so everyone could hear) he swirled it above a candle on the table to heat. Not THAT douchey, but everything about his screams "I'm a tool" and even this stood out.

11. nebulize -- Nobody needs 15 Superbad keychains. One will suffice. 

In high school my best friend and I won tickets to a sneak preview of Super Bad, the theater was super packed and some promo guy came out with a cardboard box of swag, handed some stuff out and set it down and walked away. This lady from the front row grabbed the whole box and sat down with it in her lap while the whole theater booed her and she left.

12. richj43 -- What the fuck? 

Fill up a water bottle with their piss and throw the opened piss bottle over and into a huge crowd of people at a concert. It was very hot too. People probably believed it was water at first.

13. higuita1 -- When you get older you just don't give a damn. 

This old lady was checking to see if her ballpen would work. She tried test writing on the shirt of the girl in line ahead of her

14. lazerdab -- Aaand that was probably the last time they were invited over. 

Wife and I had a couple over for dinner. I cooked a fairly complex meal, drinks, beer, dessert. Right as they walked in they said they only had an hour because they had another dinner thing to get to after this one.