Twitter is largely not a great place for being a woman - the normal level of harrassment an individual woman faces on the platform is somewhat staggering, especially considering Twitter's not-so-great reputation for shutting down / banning accounts that regularly send lewd messages and/or death threats to women. Here's a fun example:

So, all of this considered, a minor miracle happened on Twitter today: a very pretty woman (whose replies are mostly filled with insults or weird sexual come-ons) posted a picture of herself with a caption that would seemingly invite ALL KINDS of real gross sexual remarks...

...and all (well, mostly all) of the replies have been shockingly non-sexual. For real - the internet is trolling Twitter with kind, sincere replies. It's a honestly a miracle to witness:

And, of course, someone referenced Spice Girls - because, every now and then, the internet is an okay place.

Just a reminder - if you feel the need to troll someone, at least be a nice troll.