People are strangle little critters if you think about our habits, especially our grooming habits. 

We tend to think it's only our primate cousins that pick at each other's bodies, finding little imperfections we can squeeze and pop to alleviate the physical stress. 

But don't get it twisted, we're mammals, too, and you may think that popping pimples is gross and primitive, but if you dig explor yourself deeper (tap into that inner-animal) you'll see that things you once thought gross are actually satisfying on an oddly instinctual level. 

1. Sweet, sweet relief

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2. A black hole caught on camera. 

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3. Side boob has a new connotation. 

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4. The best before and after picture.


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5. Neverending string!

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6. As delicate as a spider's web. 

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7. This one has an encore.

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8. Chunky tomato soup, anyone?

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9. The longest yard. 


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10. He's his own Play-Doh spaghetti factory. 

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