Imagine being stranded at sea during a storm, alone and thrashing to stay above enormous waves that are unrelenting and indifferent to your drowning.

Or, perhaps, imagine being submerged below the surface somewhere in the ocean, next to a great dropoff, too deep to be measured and too dark to be explored, when you feel someone push you over the edge.

To date, less than 5% of our oceans have been explored, leaving the mysteries of the deep shrouded in a strange alien mythology. Fish with razor shark teeth and no eyes, creatures fixed with hypnotic lights to lure in prey; they truly are the Titans of the world. 

Whether it's the vastness of the sea, the crashing unstoppable waves, or what lurks below, you have to admit, water is pretty goddamn spooky. 

1. Devoured by the aybss. 

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2. He's right beneath you.


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3. Just touching the surface.


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4. Diving into total blackness.

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5. Seaweed or seamonsters?


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6. The abyss. 


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7. There's nowhere to hide.


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8. Even the biggest warship can't stop the power of the ocean. 

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9. Iceberg, straight ahead!


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10. Nausea inducing. 


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11. An underwater resting place. 


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12. Into the unknown. 

12 Reasons You Now Have Thalassophobia (Phobia of the Week)

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