1. Shoulda sounded off some in response, goelectric9

She would sometimes go out to do lord knows what and then come in late at night. It would be well after midnight, sometimes 2 or 3 in the morning, and I would be in bed asleep already. But she would always wake me up because she was so damn loud coming in. She would come in, flip the lights on, and whisper my name a couple times to see if I would respond. I wouldn't-I would pretend to be asleep because I didn't really like her or want to talk to her, especially that late at night.

As soon as she thought I was asleep, she would let it rip. I'm talking loud, long farts. It was really hard not to laugh.

2. bigblueballz77, noo can't you see his computer was just having a malfunction

My roommate was just sitting in his chair at his computer watching porn. Pants on and everything. When I walked in I could see what it was before he promptly, yet calmly shut it off.

He then proceeded to unplug it and "work" on it for 30 minutes because he thought that something "was wrong with it".

3. Hey lawns gotta eat too, walkering

Years ago, I lived with a bunch of strangers in a house and one of the roommates didn't speak English. It was Christmas break, so I'm out of school and have tons of free time. I'm chilling in the common area reading--as I had been doing for a week--and this roommate, who I can't communicate with, starts cooking something spicy on the stove. All of a sudden he starts panicking and yelling in his language. I hear pots banging and furious chopping of vegetables or something. This goes on for SIX hours. Yelling, chopping, yelling, chopping. Finally he comes out from the kitchen six hours later with a tiny bowl of soup. I thought okay, he must have prepped a week's worth of meals and stored the rest. But later that night I leave out the back door and there's this beef soup concoction strewn throughout the lawn. He had dumped pots worth of soup outside. To this day, I'm still not sure what happened with this guy in that kitchen.

4. Do you have this persons contact information, yankeeairpirate? Lookin for a subletter.

Came home from work early and found him in just his tighty whities and motorcycle helmet playing a racing game.

5. Surprised literally all of these responses aren't just this. Via yeoldestomachpump

Three of my friends all shared a house together and one day I pop over with one of them after we had been out and about doing some shit. The front door had the chain on so we went round the back and went in and their was our other friend naked, wanking, stood up, in the kitchen, with his laptop on an ironing board.

He just went "oh fuck" and we walked back out and went to the pub near by. He joined us twenty minutes later for a pint and tried to act like nothing had happened.

6. Well was she doing a good job, That1voider?

I walked in on my roommate's girlfriend shaving his ass for him. That image is etched in my mind forever.

7. Ah I see, theRaptor20. You live with a sociopath

I once walked out of my room and found him lying on the kitchen floor. I asked if he was alright cos I thought maybe he'd slipped or something but he said nope, just wanted to dirty himself before having a shower... proceeded to make floor angels and lay there for another good 15 mins or so.

8. There just has to be a better way, ImRollingMyEyes

I had a roommate in college who had a thing for making love to very, very large women. He had a room on the ground floor off of living room where we would all hang out. He was too embarrassed to admit his preferences in women, so he would force his hookups to exit through his window.

Only problem is our house was L-shaped, and his window was visible from the living room. So on numerous occasions we got to watch large women fall out of his window.


She had this cup full of...liquid...by her bed. There's no better way to describe it really.

She kept her toothbrush in it, bristles down in the liquid and when it came to teethbrushing time, she'd basically just take the toothbrush out, brush her teeth, spit into the cup and shove her toothbrush back into her cup.

I'm wretching just thinking about it

10. At least it wasn't a super loud dream about murdering you, cumuloedipus_complex

Had one roommate in college who spoke in his sleep. He was having a very vivid dream about having an almost too playful snowball fight with our calculus professor. It was...strange to say the least.

11. haylestotheyeah with the alleyoop, TulipOfJustice with the dunk

She would pleasure herself in the shower and scream in ecstasy, not realizing that just because she couldn't hear us didn't mean we couldn't hear her. It was very uncomfortable.

I believe she was just using Herbal Essence shampoo.

12. If it's good enough for the dishes, it's good enough for me. From nallette

I came out around 1 am to go to the bathroom and heard a weird rustling in the kitchen. I turned the corner and found my roommate sleeping in our sink.

13. This is something you will never live down Tyler. Never. From TerminusFox

He thought I had left.

Pulls out penis to Masturbate, and imitates MLK "Free at last, Free at LAST!"

Never told him. So, nowadays I say "Free at last!" at random times when referring to masturbating and I just see this look of fear.

"Does he know?"

Yes, Tyler. I know.

14. Clean two things at once, genius, gsuklaw

Standing completely naked in the kitchen washing her hair (with my shampoo) in the kitchen sink that was already packed full with dirty dishes.

We had two showers and four bathroom sinks in our apartment none of which were in use... why

15. Well did you make some money or what Brontosaurusus86


16. I need to move in here KitWalkerXXVII

This one wasn't so much "caught", but I came home from work one night to find my roommates (two guys and a girl) sitting on the floor of our living room facing the front door, lights off, wearing hoodies with the hoods up, lit by apple scented candles, chanting "Criss. Cross. Apple. Sauce."

I believe I simply took this scene and went to my room, but I think I probably laughed.