Life can be confusing and scary, but with the soft, guiding hand of Chris (Simpsons' artist) (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) ushering you through it, you have nothing to fear my child. Soak in this wisdom, there is no need to be upset.

1. Find your center and embrace it

2. Look how easy it is, all these people are doing it

3. But after that, you should probably let him go

4. Legs get tired taking care of kids all dang day

5. Sand gets everywhere outside your body, why not let it get everywhere inside as well

6. It's science

7. If you can jump over that, you can jump over anything

8. Work bitch

9. That's what they're there for. Also to clean teeth

10. What has angered you thusly mother

11. I'm here to turn that smile upside down and also clean teeth

12. Make sure to where the proper wolf killing attire


14. This is for winter dieting, in summer stick to sand

15. It is not my friend

16. Quiet boy

17. XOX