Sometimes we mindlessly use our products so often, we don't realize there's LIFE-CHANGING functions ready to be used right in front of us. If only we weren't so dumb and/or actually read an instruction manual. But who does that? Maybe these 15 people. And now we won't have to, because they've conveniently told us the cool features in a much-easier-to-read format than those pesky-ass manuals.

1. bastugubbar -- Why is it so hard to remember which damn side the gas tank is on, in the first place? 

the gaspump icon next to the fuel meter in your car often has a small arrow next to it indicating what side the fuel lid is on. good for evading awkward situations at gas staions.

2. Nerdwiththehat -- Good to know. Although I'm most definitely gonna forget this within 24 hours. 

Everytime I post this, people get impressed. 

Ctrl + V pastes. 

Ctrl + Shift + V pastes without formatting. 

Edit: I am glad to have blessed my people with shortcut knowledge. Next, someone's going to have to bring out the gospel of Ctrl + Shift + T.

3. cornholasaurusrex -- Got some grease on your pants? Douse them in gasoline. 

Gasoline will cut through most grease and glue. It will almost instantly dissolve duct tape adhesive.

4. ghunt81 -- Ok, but actually do THIS. 

Liquid dish detergent is really good for taking oily/greasy stains out of clothes (the kind that are still there even after a cycle through the washer).

For even better results, put the dish detergent on the stain, dampen the area, and then sprinkle salt on it. I dunno why it works but it does. I've had stains that have already gone through the dryer that came out next washing with this method.

5. iheartqwerty -- Save yourself a click.

Might be obvious, but most times someone's over my shoulder on my computer they seem surprised. In most browsers if you want to Google some text from a webpage you can highlight it and drag it up to the tabs area. No need to copy and paste or right click.

6. Flyplanehigh -- Or just never leave a voicemail because talking on phones is scary. 

Leaving a voice mail. Nearly all voicemail machines allow you to press * and re-record if you fucked up your message. Most people don't know this and feel like idiots when they fuck up the message.

7. dickralph -- We're supposed to clean that thing? 

Most ovens' range hoods can be opened and propped up like a car hood making it easier to clean underneath

8. blaqmass -- Ducking gamechanger. 

If you make a contact in your phone as 

" Fuck Fucking Fucker "

You will never get the ducking/fucking autocorrect. 

You are welcome my foul mouthed friends

9. 5illy_billy -- That's pretty handy. 

When watching YouTube videos the J, K, and L keys are rewind 10 seconds, pause/play, and fast forward 10 seconds respectively. 

But if you're using VLC media player (and honestly, you should be), J and K adjust the audio sync. Ever been watching a movie and the audio doesn't quite line up with the actors' mouths? For me, that's infuriating. Use J or K to dial it in.

10. whopper_flopper -- Maglite why you so generous? 

Most maglite flash lights have an extra lightbulb hidden in the cap that you take off to change the batteries. It's usually behind a spring in a little plastic case.

11. Portarossa -- There are so many goddamn Excel hidden features. 

In Excel, you can press F4 to cycle between the different types of absolute cell references.

12. torma616 --  

Modern elevators in buildings. At least in NYC. I'm sure elsewhere as well.

  • 1 ding, single note (high) - the elevator is going up.
  • 2 dings, 2 notes (high-low) - the elevator is going down.

I believe it's mainly for the visually impaired.

13. how_do_i_change_this -- I use 1 tube per brush. Try and stop me.

You only need a small amount of toothpaste. They use a lot more on the commercials so you end up buying it more often.

14. Sunderbot -- Almost like a whole new game.

If you plug in a regular controller to the NES while playing Duck Hunt, it controls the ducks.

15. stoneaquaponics -- Well I'll be damned. 

Most electronic push to start keys for a car actually have a physical key hidden inside it in case the battery to the key fob dies