Teachers are often great, commendable people. That said, they're people and that means they're capable of fucking up something royal. The good people of AskReddit asked people to share the most unnecessary times they ever got in trouble, and they're responses will make you feel like an angry teen again. Please enjoy: 


1. Intoxicatedavenger got in troble with the fashion police: 

Middle of winter, I put my coat under my desk before class started. Teacher insists that the coat I'm not even wearing is out of dress code despite it being one of the school approved colors. He demands I give him my coat until the end of the day, I tell him no because I don't think he'll actually give it back plus I have to walk outside to get to other classes. He sends me to the principal's office, I tell the secretary what happened, she rolls her eyes and writes me a pass back to class.

2. KeepItInYerPantsZeus should have called in sick: 

Coughing. I was getting over pneumonia at the time and was sent to the office for causing a distraction. If you're reading this, Ms. Grebb, fuck you. Not one single child liked you.

3. AgentChris101's bully hit a wall.....Literally: 

I dodged a punch someone threw at me. The hit concrete and broke their wrist badly. I nearly got suspended and expelled.

The other guy did it to impress this girl, The girl didn't like my face. In all honesty i have a pretty unlikable face.

4. Monito29 was the victim of mistaken identity: 

Playing Dungeons and Dragons during recess. Another kid told a teacher we were practicing witchcraft. Yay the midwest.

Edit: Holy cow, I went to bed and this blew up. It was the early 90's in Kansas, not long after the fundamentalists raised hell about D&D being evil.


5. SharpieScentedSoap was falsely accused of being a grinch: 

The library insisted I stole a Dr. Seuss book and couldn't prove I did it. They kept trying to convince me I did it, and I wouldn't give in. Like they'd literally sit me down and say "Just admit you did it...that's it! You won't have to pay the fee if you just admit it!"

They eventually gave up and the principal said "Just do you know... I'm paying this $12 out of my own pocket. I'm disappointed that you won't own up to what you did."

Edit: Some people are asking if I really did steal it. No, I didn't. I had never even heard of the book until they said I took it. (It was Oh the Places You'll Go)

6. YallNeedJesus420's substitute was NOT playing games: 

I had a substitute teacher in Spanish. We had a test that day. Our teacher left a note for the sub saying we could play games and shit when we were done with the test. So I finish the test, pull out my computer, and start playing some dumb app I can't remember. Everyone else is also playing games and surfing the web.

The teacher goes up to me, fucking slams my computer lid down on my hand, screams at me to get off my computer, and walks away, ignoring everyone else doing the same shit. Then she stops, and says, "Wait, are you guys allowed to play games?" Everyone says yes, and she looks at me with this "Oh shit" look in her eye.

7. Kamegami....breathed the wrong....way? 

I was breathing. Teacher said my breathing was sarcastic and sent me out of the room.

EDIT: I went to bed after posting this. I woke up to my phone exploding with notifications. Yes, this happened. I was the weird kid at a private Christian school, the teachers did not like me. No, it didn't make sense even in context.

8. PM_ME_UR_MIRRORS couldn't erase their own pain: 

Someone threw one of those "Big Mistake" erasers at me. Hit me in the face. I exclaimed pain and got yelled at by the teacher. She never liked me though.


9. plsnoclickhere should have gone with Pringles: 

This wasn't me, but friend of mine in middle school popped open a bag of Doritos in the cafeteria and a teacher said it "sounded like a gunshot". He was suspended for a week.

10. hugedisaster was allergic to that teacher:  

Had a bad allergic reaction to the wood in pencils. Asked to go to the nurse. Got yelled at in front of the entire class for not having the allergy declared to the school. I do, it's listed as "nature allergies". She says if I was ACTUALLY allergic then pencils would be banned from the school. Meanwhile I'm sitting there with a swollen throat and beet red eyes

11. RainbowJuggler took a stand against reading: 

In 5th grade the teacher kept calling on me to read out loud because I was the fastest in the class. I hated being the center of attention in any way, I was really shy at that point and most of the other kids made fun of me at one point or another.

Another kid would read a couple sentences, she would call me to read a paragraph. She was trying to get through a whole chapter of a textbook or something, and eventually I just said "No."

She sent me to the office. They told me to just hang out there until the classes switched.

12. poustinik's teacher was the one who needed to learn to read: 

I got suspended for looking at POLLstar.com (concert tour website). Librarian was absolutely convinced (even after I showed her) that I was looking at PORNstar.com.

1 week in school suspension - which I loved because I could just sleep all day.