The meme pace this week has been breakneck, and if you've blinked you may have missed one.

Luckily you have us to spoonfed you the sweet delicious memies that have escaped your busy life, like this incredible Squinting Woman, which spawned out of an outtake from an Instagram she was posing for.

Now that you're all up to speed, please, squint away.

1. The key is to push them down the stairs

2. Whatsa matter little fella?

3. The music is affecting my eyes

4. Eh too much work let's just say nothing

5. Well, better wheel back around and see if anyone's left

6. Better be a Washington Nationals hat, pal

7. Kids, I think I would know Count Olaf when I see him

8. ...fuck

9. See, now this is not ideal

10. ...lemme see one more time?

11. Welp, guess I'm getting towed

12. Yup that's her alright