The Office has been off the air for years now, but Rainn Wilson hasn't stopped making us laugh. Yeah, he's in other movies and shows, but we're talkin' Twitter, baby. He churns out some classic tweets all the time that rival classic Dwight quotes. Check out some of his tweets below or his Twitter here. Or do neither, we're not your mothers.

1. Not worn ironically, but strangely with pride.

2. Roasted your Lexus-driving ass.

3. Tell me more about this...reading. Is it on Netflix?

4. Give it time.

5. Gotta keep 'em moving so they don't settle within your nose.

6. America's favorite pastime. Emphasis on time.

7. Probably productive things?

8. I once again say 'Hello cow' and it gets me in a lot of trouble.

9. Businesses who are great & provide adequate haircuts at reasonable prices: Clips.

10. Someone start the funding.

11. A glove store is gonna need all the help it can get.

12. That drawer is getting RIPPED tho (it's where I keep my chocolate and lard).

13. Kale, the bitcoin of produce.