Brennan Lee Mulligan is the freshest face here at CollegeHumor - he's brand new, but has already made a pretty decently-sized splash with our audience with his stellar debut video Tide CEO: You Gotta Stop Eating Tide Pods. But for anyone who wanted to know MORE about who this "Brennan" guy thinks he is, we asked him 10 incredibly important and revealing questions. Enjoy!

1. What celebrity would play you in a movie?

A young Eric Stoltz!

2. What mammal do you think you could knock out with a single punch?

An okapi. They're a smaller cousin of a giraffe, but they still got a long neck and a big jaw. One straight shot to the chin, and homeboy is going right to sleep. Night-night, you sorry-looking ungulate.


3. What would be the shittiest superpower?

Something like Leech, where you just suppress or dampen other supers powers. Just perpetually unfun.

4. What should Aladdin have wished for instead of his actual wishes?

Jafar's wishes! Greatest Sorcerer in the World is a fucking PHENOMENAL wish! Learning insane world-bending magic is very much a "Teach a man to fish" scenario. I can handle it from here, Genie.

5. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

Werewolf, baby!!! Either you're basically just a wolf-themed superhero, OR if it's the more monstrous version you just block off that time once a month and invest in some heavy duty chains. Easy breezy!

6. Are hot dogs sandwiches?

No, and Grant is wrong about this.

7. What's the worst pet?

The worst pet of all would be some kind of perpetual explosion, like a star. Couldn't pet it, won't fit in the house, won't play fetch. Terrible pet.

8. Which Hogwarts house would you have been sorted into?

Gryffindor if I'm being honest, although truthfully Hufflepuff is the best house, don't @ me.

9. Extra soft toilet paper or extra strong toilet paper?

Why can't it be both? It takes strength to be soft. Let toilet paper live, man.

10. Do snakes have tails?

Snakes may not have tails, but they sure do have tales! Let me talk to you about a little ol' book called Genesis, kiddo, and the story of how comes it that Adam and Eve first got to steppin' outta that ol' garden they call Eden! Now once upon a time, when the world was still in darkness and no critter of the field nor bird of the sky had yet come to...