Hello, it is me, the person who made this list. I want you to have a big old smile, is that a crime? If it is lock me up. I do not belong on these streets. Your joy is all I want. I want you smiling where ever you read these. A smirk on the train or a giggle in traffic, perhaps even a chuckle on the toilet as you feel the water splash back. My passion is your joy and I was once called the most passionate man on this side of the Okeechobee.

1. I wonder if there's crack rock in the pockets.

2. Someone will find something wrong about this tweet to bring up.

3. That is seriously... like, so cute.

4. Worth the wait.

5. I study rocks.

6. The babe has got to chill!

7. It is us, the billionaire respecters

8. It will be excellent

9. No... NO!!!

10. A crime punishable by death